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Only One Planet

The human race is in imminent danger of wrecking the World it inhabits.

As a species we are heating the World by flooding the atmosphere with our pollutants and catastrophically changing the climate. We are erasing the Rain Forests (the "carbon reservoirs" of our Planet) at an alarming rate. We are using up the Planet's mineral resources faster and faster - and when they've gone ... they've gone forever. We are reducing the glorious biodiversity of our Planet by wiping out more and more species. We fill our precious land and just-as-precious oceans, rivers and lakes with toxic pollutants and untreated sewage. We over-fish, over-farm, over-eat (well, those in the privelidged position of being able to, while many don't get to eat at all). We threaten each other with more and more destructive technologies. We show selfish disregard for the World which our children will inherit.

How will you answer when your grandchildren ask: "Were there really whales in the sea, Granddad?" or "Why is it that only rich people can afford to travel, Grandma?"

For the sake of ourselves, our children and their children's children we need to STOP taking from the exhaustible supplies which our World provided.

Once it's Gone ... it's GONE FOREVER!

Humans have destroyed more than 30 per cent of the natural world since 1970 with serious depletion of the forest, freshwater and marine systems on which life depends.
Guardian 10 February 1998

Sustainable Living
is a practical philosophy whereby we strive to use only renewable (sustainable) resources to safeguard the future for our children.

The most widely held definition of sustainable living is that of the Brundtland Commission Report of 1987 which stated that we must "meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". Another way of putting it is that when people make decisions about how to use the Earth's resources (water, forests, minerals, food, wildlife, etc.) they must take into account not only how much of these resources they are using, what processes they use to attain the resources and who has access to them, they must also consider whether enough resources are going to be left for our grandchildren to use?

For me this website has been a labour of love for our Planet. I hope that you will read it's pages, understand my sentiments and empathise ...

It's time to stop being selfish.


This process involves a great deal of research so please be patient and return frequently to catch up with the latest news and developments.


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