Only One Planet

Biodiversity - the variety of life and its processes including the variety of living organisms, the genetic differences among them and the variety of communities and ecosystems in which they occur.

Capacity Factor - The ratio of electrical energy produced by a generating unit for a given period of time to the electrical energy that could have been produced at continuous full-power operation during the same period.

Cullet - crushed glass used as a raw material in the production of recycled glass products.

FAO - Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United States.

Fossil Fuel - Any naturally occurring organic fuel formed in the Earth's crust, such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas.

Gene Pool - the collection of genes in an interbreeding population.

Global Warming - the rise in the Earth's average surface temperature caused by the increasing levels of Greenhouse Gasses.

Greenhouse Effect - the effect whereby the Greenhouse Gasses act as an effective insulation layer to retain the Earth's re-radiating infra-red radiation, thus causing the Planet's surface temperature to be higher than it otherwise would be.

Greenhouse Gasses - the gasses present in our atmosphere which are responsible for the Greenhouse Effect. These are water vapour, carbon dioxide, ozone, methane and nitrous oxide.

MDG - Millennium Development Goals for reducing poverty, set out at the United Nations Millennium Summit in September 2000.

OECD - Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. OECD Website

Permaculture - 

Rainforests - 

Watt (W) - The electrical unit of power. The rate of energy transfer equivalent to 1 ampere flowing under a pressure of 1 volt of unity power factor.

Watthour (Wh) - An electric energy unit of measure equal to 1 watt of power supplied to, or taken from, an electric circuit steadily for 1 hour.


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