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In the World at large, there is a selfish philosophy, especially among the most powerful of this World, of "Think of Today, growth at any cost and forget what we bequeath to our grandchildren". Plans that are made are, at best, short term. The policy makers consider only a few short years and tend to aim at short-sighted economic goals with personal/political popularity in mind with a view to staying in power.

But as you have seen, if you've looked at the previous pages of this site, the decisions that are being made today have a radical impact on the shape of the World tomorrow. Now, that has always been true, to an extent, but we are reaching a crunch point. With World population continuing to grow and economic/industrial goals set at growth-at-any-cost we are in severe danger of decimating the Natural World which we rely on for our survival.

The World in which we lived has changed immeasurably in the past century. But it will soon change in ways in which Humankind will struggle to survive within the next hundred years unless we change our attitudes and practices NOW and embrace a sustainable approach to our lives and our very existence.

Sustainable Living is a practical philosophy whereby we strive to use only renewable (sustainable) resources to safeguard the future for our children.

The most widely held definition of sustainable living is that of the Brundtland Commission Report of 1987 which stated that we must "meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs". Another way of putting it is that when people make decisions about how to use the Earth's resources (water, forests, minerals, food, wildlife, etc.) they must take into account not only how much of these resources they are using, what processes they use to attain the resources and who has access to them, they must also consider whether enough resources are going to be left for our grandchildren to use?

This is a change that needs to be embraced on two levels: the most important level is with regard to national governments, who have the power to change the course of the way we do things on a BIG scale; secondly we need to change ourselves, personally - and that means a change in our personal habits. Perversely, it is the second degree of change that will ultimately cause the governments to change as, no matter how insignificant you may feel, it is people who elect governments. I cannot state strongly enough that every single person who reads these pages and is moved by them should write to their MP,  State Representative, Prime Minister, President or Head of State urging them to change course for a Sustainable future before it is too late.

In these pages you will find the latest thinking on the following sustainabililty issues :






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This page last updated: 29 May 2002